If you are looking for an international private school in Malaga that goes beyond conventional expectations, we have exciting news for you. At The Benalmádena International College, we are constantly evolving to bring you the very best in education. 

We are pleased to announce that we offer A levels and BTECS in Sixth Form.

I hope you find our college as exciting a place for your child to study and enhance their talent as we do.


The introduction of our A Levels & Btecs in the Costa del Sol area is not just another addition to our curriculum offer.

It is a renewed commitment to excellence and a demonstration of our passion for preparing students for renowned international universities.

At Sixth Form, we will focus on enhancing each student’s academic, personal and professional skills, ensuring that they are equipped not only to enter the best universities, but also to succeed in them.


At our international private school, we understand that every student is unique.
That is why our Sixth Form programme is designed to offer a personalised approach to education.

Our aim is to bring students closer to the international universities of their dreams or wider opportunities, giving them the tools, skills and knowledge they need to excel in an increasingly competitive world.

If you are considering an international private school in the Costa del Sol area that strives to offer a cutting-edge education, The Benalmádena International College is your ideal choice. With our Sixth Form, we reaffirm our commitment to providing students with the best possible educational opportunities – join us on this exciting journey towards academic excellence and future success!