What makes us different?

The Benalmádena International College is knoww as one of the most established educational centres on the Costa del Sol. Our college quite rightly respected for our high level of academic achievement and the personal development of our students, who go on to study all over the world following their time with us.

As a British standards compliant educational institution, it has always been important to us to have a mainly British staff as they are uniquely placed to ensure that we uphold the high British educational standards to which we prescribe.

The Benalmádena International College bases its teaching and learning model on the five fundamental pillars for the development of each and every one of our students:


Our objective is that all of our students leave us completely bilingual in both English and Spanish. Our languages provision is strong and as English is our everyday language at school, new starters soon gain a high level of interactional and learning fluency.

Personalised Learning

We have always had a policy of keeping our classes small and manageable. This allows us to personalise our teaching and learning in the most effective ways possible.


We appreciate that technology has a fundamental place in the modern world and when technology is used as an enhancement tool, we absolutely embrace it!

The Arts

The Arts hold a special place in our curriculum offer at BIC and we consider them of fundamental importance as a tool to broaden student’s minds and to enrich their lives.  Historically, our Arts students have scored some of the highest academic results in the whole of Spain.

Sports + ‘The Bigger Picture’

Sports and our wider extra-curricular offerings are crucial elements of our student’s physical development and allow our young people to foster and strengthen core values such as friendship, working as part of a team, perseverance and dedication.